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"I really like your invoicing system - it's perfect for my needs as a piano teacher and I'm actually looking forward to doing my tax return..." more

"I am just setting up my company and the invoicing side of things, especially with VAT, was quite daunting. This programme is simply..." more

"Have been using this invoicing package for a couple of weeks. There's a very short learning curve (15 mins). Ideal for a small..." more

"I purchased version 8 last week and I would like to thank you very much. It is brilliant. So easy to understand and operate...." more

"Just to let you know that over 12 months on, we still find your software invoicing package absolutely perfect for our business thank you...." more

"I've had Easy Invoicing for about 3-4 years and tried many other low cost systems with great disappointment. Recently my hard drive gave..." more

why use a database application and what does it mean?.
What is Microsoft Access?
  1. Microsoft Access is one of the worlds most popular desktop databases for Microsoft Windows. Found on millions of computers world-wide Microsoft Access comes either as a stand-alone product or as part of the ever popular 'Microsoft Office' package.
  2. Easy Invoicing is no 'ordinary' Access Database, it is a comprehensive 'front end' application, professionally written in the finest VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) which uses Microsoft Access as it's 'backend Database' and capitalises on the powerful and flexible Microsoft JET SQL technology (JET being a powerful Windows Database).

Why use a database application?

  1. Because you need a business standard database application as trusted by millions of businesses and organisations both large and small around the world.
  2. Because a database is a proven, reliable way to store large amounts of critical data fast and accurately. Be wary of smaller applications that claim to use database technology but really use flimsy 'text' based files that are unreliable, easily corrupted and which degrade in performance rapidly once you've added a few thousand records.
  3. Small, Medium and Large Businesses and Organisations will ONLY entrust their critical information and records to a database driven application like ours: organisations such as eBay, Amazon, BT, the DVLA to name but a few all rely on database driven technology.

Why choose our system?

  1. You don't need any special configuring skills - installation is fully automated - just set-up and go!
  2. Our system is a comprehensive Windows based application written by experienced, professional programmers.
  3. Our users enjoy years of trouble free, fast and reliable data storage, with rapid data retrieval and manipulation even after adding tens of thousands of records.
  4. Because of it's nature - the application can be easily transferred from one computer to another.
  5. We offer forum, e-mail and phone support for our clients.
  6. Many of our users have changed to our system after experiencing data loss and the unreliability of other programs.
  7. Create your own Access database and you can export your Easy Invoicing data directly into it, you can then manipulate your stored information in dozens of ways with the help of the built in 'Access Wizards'.
  8. Since it was first developed in 1995, Easy Invoicing has been tailored around user's requirements, suggestions and ideas.
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