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How to move Easy Invoicing 8 to another computer
« on: July 13, 2014, 10:48:57 AM »
In order for the 'Easy Invoicing 8' database to run it needs to reside in a properly installed and 'Trusted' Easy Invoicing 8 folder.

STEP 1 - Install Easy Invoicing 8 on the new computer:

To make sure the new computer has a properly installed and trusted folder you need to download and install a 'Demo' version of Easy Invoicing 8 first.

You do not need to register this copy of Easy Invoicing 8, we simply need it to create the folder and copy the files needed in order to work properly, so:

1) Download and install a Demo version.

2) Run the program to make sure everything works fine.

3) Type anything into the 'Business Name' box ( e.g. XX) so that we can shut the program down again.

Here is the download link:

STEP 2 - Take a copy of the original Easy Invoicing 8 database:

We now need to take a copy of your original 'Easy Invoicing 8' database file and move it into the newly created Easy Invoicing 8 installation folder that was created in STEP 1 (above).

1) Looking at the hard drive of your old computer locate the 'Easy Invoicing 8' folder (see image below).

2) Inside the old folder we need to take a copy of just 1 file: the main Easy Invoicing 8 database file:

It can have one of several names but the most common are:

Easy Invoicing UK.mde
Easy Invoicing 8.accde

To further help identify the correct file it usually has an icon which has a purple key and a tiny padlock.

To further help identify the correct file it is usually the biggest file in that folder - around 3600 KB or more.

3) Once you have located the database file - save it to your media (e.g. USB memory stick or memory card, etc .)

STEP 3 - Copy the old database file to your new computer:

This is the final stage now and it's basically about moving your old file from your media to it's new location, so:

1) Insert your  media (e.g. USB memory stick or memory card, etc.) into the new PC. 
Usually when you do this a window automatically opens - you need to view the files so you can right click and copy your backed up database file.

2) Now locate the NEW Easy Invoicing 8 on your computer and click it (see image above).

3) You should now be able to see several files in a folder window, the last item usually being 'unins000.exe' so just below this file:
right click and select paste on the pop-up menu.

4) You may be asked if you want to replace an existing file ? Choose 'Yes' or 'Copy and Replace'.

5) Finally, double click the file you have just pasted to make sure it opens up and has all your records in there.
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